Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

                                           Merry Christmas Grandpa
                               and Grandma!!

You see in that first picture up on top behind grandpa is a thing that says DAD. I gave Victor that for Fathers day this year and when Grandpa saw it he thought it was the coolest thing so it sparked an idea. I researched and to my surprise the numberw worked out PERFECTLY. They have 28 grandkids, "grandpa & grandma" is 14 letters. 2 kids per letter and Wa-Laa... Over the summer we had our family reunion and ALL of the grandkids were there (ok not michael but i was able to get that one later) I was able to get all the kids I needed in the right pictures to spell out Grandpa and Grandma in the order that the grandkids were born. When it came down to it I messed up the order a little by sitting one kid on the left instead of the right but for the most part they are in order.

Grandma Picked out the frame and Grandpa cut the mats and he couldn't imagine what I would need an 6.5x35 opening for but when they opened them today they LOVED them.

Merry Christmas from us all We love you!


Jealeta Spears said...

What a GREAT idea for me and dad. You know how crazy we are for the grandbabies! This gift had a lot of thought in it. THANKS!! We love it.

Sophia's fan club said...

Such a cool picture. They turned out way cute. Now I just need to check them out up close next time I come in to town :-)