Monday, July 2, 2012

WELL,,, We didnt move to Reno. We ended up moving to Kanab Utah and I,Ginger, got a job right away working at the Kane County Sheriff's office as a dispatcher. We found a large (really old and drafty) house to rent right in the middle of town that helped alot when I was going back to Vegas for work. Not used to the snow and cold winters (especially with the drafty house) we went through lots of wood and a HUGE gas bill. Cooking with propane is also different(with a stove that has to be too old) things take less time some times and more time on other meals. I haven't gotten it figured out yet. This is definately the place where we are going to settle down though. I'll post pictures at another time since I'm at work dealing with a large fire on Cedar Mountain right now, and just this much took me far too long to write. I hope you all are well and have fun with your families this summer. I'll see you all in my neck of the woods next summer where the family reunion place is only 30 minutes from my house. Christian will be attending SUU this fall working on his bachelors degree in goelogy. He is having fun being involved in the search and rescue squad here in town and having fun with all of the state and federal parks around us, and all of the lakes and ponds that he can fish in. He is home all summer with the kids, FUN FUN. Eli (Bradley ) who wants to be called Eli now is going into 10th grade and loving it here in Kanab, He is dating (Yikes) and making friends. He played baseball at the end of the school year and loved to travel with the team and miss school. Xarrissa is making loads of friends and continues to be both a blessing and a curse. She is an angel when she is happy and a devil when she is not getting her way. She starts high school this year and is uber excited to be growing up. Eli and Xarrissa went to youth conference recently and had a great time and a spiritual experience. Risa has a bruise on her thigh the size of 2 grapefruits and multiple lacerations from tripping over barbed wire at the ranch they were staying at. She doesnt even know why it bruised. Echo is jealous that she wasn't allowed to go since she doesn't turn 14 til january next year. She is starting 8th grade this year and loving all of the friends she has made in Kanab. Sleepovers and birthday parties and hiking at Zion and Swimming at Lake Powell. She also played baseball at school and ended up being the most improved player throughout the season. They loved having her. Benjamin (Ben Jamin') likes to be constantly entertained and pouts all the way up the stairs and down if we tell him to get a book to read. He has many friends he plays with and even played baseball this year also. He liked being able to be the catcher. Well, I will post more and post pictures at another time. I hope you are all well.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New family photo

Hey, Brandon commissioned a guy to do this picture for us. I think it will be our new family picture. . . What do you think? Some are obvious, but Lanae can go invisible. Sasha can produce fire, Tyler is like a batman, ninja type guy. I control the weather like storm in X men. . Sawyer can freeze someone. Coleman is super fast like Dash in Incredibles.
The other day, Tyler went to give Sawyer a kiss on his cheek, and he moved to the side and held out his hands and said, "Freeze," like his picture character. It was so funny.
Love you all. Kim

Monday, August 8, 2011

New family pics for the Rowberry's

We got these taken in a park with a lake near our house. it was so fun and the girl that took them did a great job. Hope you like them. Kim

trip to Connecticut

Just as the school year ended, we all packed up the van, borrowed a trailer for our van from some dear friends of ours, and headed out to Connecticut. That is where Brandon's brother Justin and sister in law Megan live. We went to a campsite that had a bunch of cabins in a circle, and then a big mess hall type building at the head. Each family got their own cabin. We had a great time. Just being together with the cousins was great. We did family games of course, a 5K run. We hung out at the beach one day. Had a talent show and testimony meeting of course. We roasted marshmallows for smoores and played games until all hours of the night. We got to meet some new nieces that were born, and we hadn't been able to meet until then. They are soo cute. O f course.
We had a great time just hanging out with our family. We all took turns cooking and cleaning. It was great to reconnect with everyone and have some time to talk and see what is going on. . . It was so good to see everyone. The hardest part was saying goodbye at the end and head home. I don't think Sawyer wore his shoes at all the whole week. And I don't think he was actually clean the whole week. Just as soon as I would wash him, he would head out to the mud pit that is supposed to be a baseball diamond, and undo all the washing that I just made him go through. Ahh the joys of camping. It took me a week to wash all the dirt out of our clothes and bedding and umbrella's and camping chairs, and everything we brought basically.
The kids had a great time. Most of the week all the girl cousins got to sleep in their own cabin together, which they thought was fabulous, and the boys got their own. True to form, the girls cabin was well kept and tidy, while the boy cabin, smelled of boys by the end. Good memories though.
When we drove out to Connecticut, we got to stop off at my sister Sabrina's house. It was so great to see her, and her cute little house and her sweet boys. We had a good time looking around her town and attending a car show that was just down the street. I am so impressed with her and how hard she is trying to be a good mom, and to do what is right. I love her husband Eric as well. When you see them together, you can just see how much they love each other. It is so sweet!
The driving out wasn't really as bad as I thought it would be! The kids all did remarkably great! We took out the middle seat of our 12 passenger van, and put a fouton mattress down, so that Brandon and I could sleep while the other one drove. We took gas shifts. We would drive the van until it ran out of gas, then would fill up and switch. So, we weren't too tired at any time. He was gracious enough to take the midnight to 5 am shift both there and back. What a man!! We had a great time.

Fun summer

Trip to Europe

Ok, Ok , I know, I am not the best blogger! I realize it has been a while, and of course we have been very busy with all the kids and the stuff that we are doing.
I guess I should start at the beginning. We had a really long winter this year. It seemed like it would never end. Just when I thought that I could dream about opening the door and letting the nice fresh air in, it would snow again.. . . but we did some really fun things. So, it wasn’t all that bad. Just long.
This year is Brandon’s and My 15th year anniversary, so we decided to do something fun, and though it is in August, we decided that it would be easier on whoever took our kids for them to still be in school when we left. We decided to Go to Slovenija and Austria and The Czech republic. We went for 10 days from the middle of May until the end of May. My mom was gracious enough to come and be with the kids for us. It was so nice having them all together and in their own beds, own routines. . . It was great that my mom would come out and do that for us. Apparently there were some really good storms, and hail. So much that we had to have our shingles re-done a few weeks ago because of it.
Anyways, we stayed with some really good friends of ours, the Majc, then we went up to Salzburg where we toured through the oldest salt mines , which is what made Salzburg so rich, then went up to Prague in Czech. . . It was just amazing to see how old all the stuff is, and the grandeur of the churches, and the old castles. There was a Jewish Quarters where they made all the jews live, and there is a graveyard that has thousands of jews all squished in it from 800 to 1000 years ago. It is very cool.
We had a great time. I think the best part was having him all to myself without distractions, phones, computers or work. It was so good. We could go anywhere we wanted, do whatever we wanted, sleep in late if we wanted. It was nice not having a strict schedule for a few days.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Party at Nanas. We had lots of fun.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

We were able to get the cousins together this week. We went to a nice big park over by Nathans house. The kids played and we sat in the grass and ate lunch. I am glad that we are able to have such a large family and I hope that all of our kids can grow up to be friends. Im glad we were able to get together and would love to do it more often. From Sabrina. Here are some pics of our fun times.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

                                           Merry Christmas Grandpa
                               and Grandma!!

You see in that first picture up on top behind grandpa is a thing that says DAD. I gave Victor that for Fathers day this year and when Grandpa saw it he thought it was the coolest thing so it sparked an idea. I researched and to my surprise the numberw worked out PERFECTLY. They have 28 grandkids, "grandpa & grandma" is 14 letters. 2 kids per letter and Wa-Laa... Over the summer we had our family reunion and ALL of the grandkids were there (ok not michael but i was able to get that one later) I was able to get all the kids I needed in the right pictures to spell out Grandpa and Grandma in the order that the grandkids were born. When it came down to it I messed up the order a little by sitting one kid on the left instead of the right but for the most part they are in order.

Grandma Picked out the frame and Grandpa cut the mats and he couldn't imagine what I would need an 6.5x35 opening for but when they opened them today they LOVED them.

Merry Christmas from us all We love you!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Every year around the Holidays we all get together for what is turning out to be a pretty fun tradition for our family. Thanks to Mom and Dad. We all went and saw the movie Tangled, were the kids enjoyed popcorn and snacks. After the movie we all went to Taco Bell and took up half the restaurant for lunch. We all enjoyed seeing each other and the kids had fun running around playing with one another and with the hand puppets Nana got them. Thank you to everyone who brought gifts. Looking forward to next year...