Monday, August 8, 2011

trip to Connecticut

Just as the school year ended, we all packed up the van, borrowed a trailer for our van from some dear friends of ours, and headed out to Connecticut. That is where Brandon's brother Justin and sister in law Megan live. We went to a campsite that had a bunch of cabins in a circle, and then a big mess hall type building at the head. Each family got their own cabin. We had a great time. Just being together with the cousins was great. We did family games of course, a 5K run. We hung out at the beach one day. Had a talent show and testimony meeting of course. We roasted marshmallows for smoores and played games until all hours of the night. We got to meet some new nieces that were born, and we hadn't been able to meet until then. They are soo cute. O f course.
We had a great time just hanging out with our family. We all took turns cooking and cleaning. It was great to reconnect with everyone and have some time to talk and see what is going on. . . It was so good to see everyone. The hardest part was saying goodbye at the end and head home. I don't think Sawyer wore his shoes at all the whole week. And I don't think he was actually clean the whole week. Just as soon as I would wash him, he would head out to the mud pit that is supposed to be a baseball diamond, and undo all the washing that I just made him go through. Ahh the joys of camping. It took me a week to wash all the dirt out of our clothes and bedding and umbrella's and camping chairs, and everything we brought basically.
The kids had a great time. Most of the week all the girl cousins got to sleep in their own cabin together, which they thought was fabulous, and the boys got their own. True to form, the girls cabin was well kept and tidy, while the boy cabin, smelled of boys by the end. Good memories though.
When we drove out to Connecticut, we got to stop off at my sister Sabrina's house. It was so great to see her, and her cute little house and her sweet boys. We had a good time looking around her town and attending a car show that was just down the street. I am so impressed with her and how hard she is trying to be a good mom, and to do what is right. I love her husband Eric as well. When you see them together, you can just see how much they love each other. It is so sweet!
The driving out wasn't really as bad as I thought it would be! The kids all did remarkably great! We took out the middle seat of our 12 passenger van, and put a fouton mattress down, so that Brandon and I could sleep while the other one drove. We took gas shifts. We would drive the van until it ran out of gas, then would fill up and switch. So, we weren't too tired at any time. He was gracious enough to take the midnight to 5 am shift both there and back. What a man!! We had a great time.


Jealeta Spears said...

I know family reunions are fun!! Look at the fun we had! It is so hard to find a site big enough for all of our family. I think we have even outgrown the Courthouse now.